Agence de conducteur, conducteur, expedition commerciale imperieuse, et conduire

  Directives pour les candidats
Employment system
Regular member
@Vehicle driving consignment business
AAFemale clerk
「Traitement de faveur de la personne etre capable de parler anglais」
Fixed salary 200,000 yen or more
- I will consider and give preferential treatment to an experience, an ability, and front Shoc, etc.
- I decide it according to our rule.
Benefit package
Commuting expense provision
Place of business
Tokyo Minato Ward Roppongi 3-4-2-103
Work contents
Vehicle driving consignment business
Holiday and vacation
Complete five-day working week (Saturday and Sunday), holidays,
year end and new year, and social, etc.
Where to make contact
Please contact the above-mentioned when there are a question etc.
Report of pass or fail
I will contact only those who pass the applicant screening.
As a rule, the application document is not returned.
After it doesn't use except the adoption business, and it ends,
I annul kept individual information.
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