Agency of driver, driver, driving business consignment, and driving and Roppongi

  Content of recruitment
Forms of employment
Full-time worker
@Temporary driver
AFemale staff member
(applicant who possesses English abilities will be preferred)
A monthly salary of JPY 200,000 and above
Your experience up to now, your qualifications and previous salary, etc. will be taken into consideration.
The decision will be made according to our stipulations.
Transportation costs will be paid.
Service place
Rm 103, 3-4-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Content of service
Substitute driving service
Vacation and leave
Weekends, national holidays and The holidays
Access address
Personnel charge: To Morinaga
Please contact the above-mentioned when there are a question etc.
Information about the results
We'll only contact the qualified applicants after the selection based on application materials.
On principle, the application materials will not be returned.
As for personal information, we'll take our responsibility for disposing of it after the selection.
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