Agency of driver, driver, driving business consignment, and driving and Roppongi


Proposals for satisfactory charge can be submitted.

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(The followings are just for your reference.)

Driving agent service offer area
Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba,
and Kanagawa
ex. Monthly contract
Service days: 24days   weekdays 9:00am-6:00pm(1hour break)
→From \400,000

Within four hours
Within eight hours
Overtime charge (15mins/per)
Vehicles of japanese production
\17,000 \22,000 \600
Foreign car 1
\19,000 \25,000 \700
Foreign car 2 \22,000 \27,000 \800

Fees charged by running distance
Running km/day
1〜100km @/\50
101km @/\30
※A foreign car is different.

Classification of car models
Example of car models
production car
erg land, and Alfard at crown, Cedric
Foreign car 1 BENZ, BMWs, CADILLAC, JAGUAR, etc motor coach, and minibus,The president, Century
Special vehicle Either.. correspondence of displacement, length of car, maximum capacity
loading, and car heavy above-mentioned model
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