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  Advantages of using the system of Continental Corporation
1 We offer you drivers and driving managers upon your requests.
2 We help you out from complicated personnel management and vehicle management.
3 We help you to reduce the expenses greatly on personnel and vehicle management.
4 Based on our perfect confidentiality obligation, you won’t be put out by any trouble.
5 Based on the certain service operation, the hindrance to your business caused by vacation or absence will be vanishing.
6 We will treat your vehicle carefully and keep it clean and in good condition.
7 Foreign language interpreter can be assigned to accompany you according to your requirement.
8 Based on our reemployment system, consultations are available.
9 In case of an emergency, we can deal with the accident processing on behalf of your company.
  Business manner of Continental Corporation
To meet various needs of our clients, the service contents are considered into details. We offer reasonable price and provide talented service staff in agreement with your demands. Our full-time drivers will endeavor to supply you with perfect confidentiality, top level security and good service. 

We, Continental Corporation, are aiming at becoming the pioneer in this industry and hoping to be developed while obtaining your confidence.
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